2018 Year-In-Review

The Rasmussen Clan— What happened in 2018?

46501816_10158428752813849_1658858129405771776_n2018 was a year of transition, change, and ultimately, great growth.  Back in May, we left Indian Hills Camp, and embarked on a big faith journey.  I refer to this journey as the “camp-mountain trailer-house adventure” in which we moved a few times unsure of the “final” destination.  And I won’t lie to you, some days during those hot, summer months were full of tension, heartache, and just plain old discomfort from living in small quarters with boxes piled high.  But at the same time, it felt rather fun to have our hands so open to God, saying, “Send us wherever, Send us”.  Ironically, His plan the whole time was to keep us in the same zip code with a house of our very own.  Wow, what an amazing and unexpected turn of events.  This cozy, little abode is a pure slice of heaven for our family.  I couldn’t be more grateful because this crazy life adventure wasn’t just about obeying God and walking by faith.  It was about confronting where I place my identity.  Does it come from my job, my house, my ministry?…  Who am I without those things? I wanted so badly to place my security on a tangible thing: a house, a job, a ministry.  But God pulled us off those seemingly firm foundations to remind us that at the end of the day, He is my bottom-line source of all life, truth, and joy no matter where I am or what I have.45558456_10158374276038849_2992078461268393984_n



In March, Josh accepted the Interim Worship Pastor position at our church.  He gets to impact hundreds of people weekly through encouraging song selection and thoughtful intercession.  It took a few weeks adjusting to the new Sunday morning rhythm, but it’s a privilege to serve the body of Christ!  Also back in May, Josh accepted an amazing job opportunity with Kidz at Heart, which is a global Christian community that trains, partners with and mobilizes networks of leaders to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus!  He is currently the Vice President of Development and has enjoyed the dynamic nature of the position; always learning new skills, and meeting new people.  Click HERE to watch a cool video Josh made explaining KidZ!

In September, He got the great privilege of traveling with a team to El Salvador where he did some training and met with many people and organizations eager to partner with Kidz at Heart.  Pictured to the right: El Salvador team on a retreat near a volcano! 42482863_1962651690447901_2320153281898217472_oIt was also praiseworthy to find out that Josh had befriended a young man who worked in the hotel where they were staying.  Josh was able to answer some of his theological questions and lead him to the Lord!  What a way to orchestrate a prodigal son home! I absolutely love the way God extravagantly brings people from across the globe together!— for His glory!

2018 was a big milestone year for our family; I stepped into a new season of motherhood that was not revolved around diaper changes; Hey!…my children ARE growing up!  SILAS started his first year of academics as a big 5 year old with Inspire Charter School and Classical Conversations.  kis18He also enjoyed his first soccer season!  Silas is a fast-learner and a fun team player for sure!

OWEN and CALEB developed a ton more vocabulary as three year olds.  Owen loved meeting new friends and figuring out any contraption he could get his hands on.  Caleb enjoyed making things out of clay and also exploring the outdoors.  They bring fun energy wherever we go, always making everyone (especially strangers) smile along the way!

And of course, there is Zoe– the toughest and cutest little cookie in the jar.  Not even two years old and she loves marching around the property far away from mommy like Miss. Independent!  She keeps up with her brothers and always finds a way of telling us what she wants.

As the kids get older, we can see it is getting more easy and more fun taking adventures.  Living in San Diego, we were blessed to explore many fun places this year like: LEGOLAND, the Living Coast Discovery Center, Sea World, the Zoo, and an extra special birthday treat– the Great Wolf Lodge!

Well, it is true what they say… The days were long… but 2018 was short! We stand in awe of what God has done for us this year. What He has shown us in His love– we will cherish and due our best to share more in the future!

If you are reading this, thank you so much for your care and concern over our lives, your prayers, your financial partnership. We love you all and pray 2019 is filled with God’s provision and wonder.

Blessings from,

The Rasmussen Clan:  Josh – Alicia – Silas – Owen- Caleb- Zoe

Email us your 2018 highlights! We would love to know!



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