El Salvador UPDATE: volcanoes and dirt

Just wanted to send out a little update that Josh is safe, healthy, and enjoying his time in El Salvador. Fun Fact about El Salvador: it is the most densely populated country in central america, over six million people!img_0325.png

Today, he got to visit a volcano. How often do we get to say that word in a sentence!?… Volcano. volcano, VOLCANO.. kinda fun… or maybe I’m just really CRAZY tired! hahahe

So, the visit to the volcano… was part of a retreat that his team hosted for the regional director, national director, and the local training and network leaders of El Salvador.  It was a time of much need rest and encouragement. Hopefully more stories and pics when he returns.



Josh along with the Kids at Heart team met with two extremely large churches: Churches that host 500+ campuses, with 200,000 members each, that include 10,000 seat auditoriums!!– Wow, Talk about some FAR-reaching nets to grasp the souls of men! 

The team also met with a local university about establishing 8 courses to equip this up and coming generation.

The trip also has and will entail some training of the local staff and volunteers.

I really wish I had more to share, but that’s it for now! Josh returns, Lord willing, Thursday, September 27th!

And here back on this side of the Ha-mool River, ALL four kiddos have fought off a bacterial eye infection…. I think we might spend TOO much time in the dirt?? Oh well such is life! Messy but beautiful!



Thankfully prescription eye drops did the trick pretty quick, but please keep the tots in your prayers… as you know things can change in SO quick.

Lots of thankfulness and LOVE,

From the Rasmussen Clan


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