El Salvador, Birthdays, and Tension

Josh leaves for Arizona today for a staff retreat and then from there to El Salvador! He is going to be doing some training for the regional and national directors of Latin America for Kidz at Heart International. He will also be meeting with several in-country partners. (If you would like a detailed itinerary, email me! therasmussenclan@gmail.com). I look forward to the pictures and the stories he will return with!

Josh will be gone for two weeks. And I’ll manage the fort with Silas (5) who is week two into homeschool with classical conversations and totally loving it, Zoe (1) now walking like a little pro, and Owen and Caleb (3) …curious as ever!

With the little family update aside…

I want to share a little story.. well, a little question actually that led to some big thoughts…

Recently, Silas asked–

“How many birthdays do we get…..

And it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

“I don’t know, Silas. We don’t know. Only God knows; He numbers our days…that’s why each day we have is like a gift even before our birthday comes…”

I could feel some anxiety and even some deep sorrow inside us.

Why doesn’t God tell us! Warn us.. something. What is this?? Why is it like that? Ahh!!

Well, I also got to thinking about Jesus falling asleep on the boat during the storm recorded in Mark 4 (Mainly because I had listened to a sermon recorded from my old pastor in Julian on the subject). Jesus didn’t tell his friends the storm was coming. This is somewhat disturbing, much like in the way he doesn’t tell us when we die. This is the tension we live in–The CONSTANT unknown.

And like in the car ride with Silas with the completely unsatisfying “I don’t know” answer… I found a tremendous satisfaction trusting God and knowing Him through the work of Christ –Who answers all the primal questions of life (origin, morality, meaning, and destiny!) . He holds it all in His hands…

He “hushed” the waters quiet, the same way A mommy comforts her crying baby. The voice was familiar to the water–as it was the voice that made it!

And so like the water, I pray we can heed the similar hushes whispering into our souls right now.. whatever the question or storm….He is there and He is enough.

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