camp-mountain trailer-house adventure

On May 12th we moved into a friend’s house my children affectionately refer to as “pool mountain”. Due to the fact, that their house is on top of a mountain in San Diego, and bet you can guess, they have a pool. We loved living on Pool Mountain, but as I addressed in our last blog post we had to move out on June 10th, because a missionary from China calls it her temporary home. (above: boys playing with sticks on the south side of Pool Mountain) Fortunately, we were able to still be on Pool Mountain, because a friend from church provided a trailer. So thankfully, that move wasn’t too drastic; just a few stroller strides with boxes piled high! This trailer sheltered our little tribe of 6 until escrow closed on June 29th. Yes! I said escrow! Is that a proper noun? I don’t even know!! I just know it means we have a house! Not tied to a camp, and in San Diego county. It’s literally a dream come true, A dream I never really dreamed because it was too expensive. But God closed lots of little doors and opened this one. So, like I see in every dimension of my life—God made a way, where there was no way.

A lot of moving in two months time: Camp- to -Pool Mountain- to -Travel Trailer- to —-House!

“Exhausted” was a choice word during those many move days. But as my flesh dies down and my soul begins to reflect, I think the greatest word defining all these gusts of change and momentary inconveniences is…”Adventure!”

We put ourselves at the feet of God! We prayed for a place to live literally looking all around the globe, allowing our whole family to feel the rush of faith! Knowing good and well, He would provide all that we need. We told our kids we can’t always stay in the same spot; God changes it up for our growth, and for HIS glory!

I think it’s interesting to remember Life on camp is often referred to as a terrarium–A safe place to receive love and grow in God. But sometimes, God chooses to prune and sometimes He decides to supplant! Thankfully, we weren’t supplanted far from our beloved community–We are STILL in Jamul! What an unexpected blessing. We thought for sure God would move us away somewhere desolate; somewhere fit for martyrdom.  But it looks like (once again) this is a moment where He is showing me–I am His precious daughter, not just His dedicated worker. And as much as I was willing to go somewhere for Him, it pleased Him to quench the quietest desire of my heart. I stand in awe of where we have come and where we now stand– 5 acres of rolling hills, boulders, and trees!  The silence is loud and the stars twinkle bright, to God be the Glory and to all a good night! (😜that’s preschool mama rhymes, free of charge) hahaha

Ok, Mom jokes aside .. Through it all, it’s comforting to to remember our heavenly home is forever, and will NEVER be moved because of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus!

Before I end this diatribe….. I gotta speak even more loudly to this blog’s theme of


Get. This.

On our LAST day in our house on camp. I was filled with sadness and distress. I didn’t want to leave camp—the kindred community, the spacious four-bedrooms, the known comforts surrounding. Not to mention all the UNknowns swallowing my peace and strangling my faith!

I was struggling internally. But thankfully, something happened. A timely run-in with God’s Holy Book–

As a family we were seated at the breakfast table. When suddenly, (randomly) Josh voiced from the melancholy dining,

“Let’s read from the Bible”. He picked up a 365 daily kids Bible. One we haven’t read much since Silas was an only child.

The question raised, “Where should we start!?”

“From the beginning'” I insisted for convenience and continuity. And the kids agreed.

“The beginning! The beginning”, they shouted! Bouncing from their chairs, their blonde locks swooshed over their energetic eyes, which of course, gazed above their huge smiles!

I thought for sure Josh would cave to my logic and their chanting. But he insisted we start from the EXACT day we were in the year. With some calculated configuring turns out it was Day #156. Which put us in the book of 2 Kings.  “Oh great” I thought to myself.. “What can we possibly glean from the obscure historical timeline that makes up 2 Kings!?”

Well, to my utter amazement, the account described in the one verse devotional paralleled our lives almost to a tee.

2 Kings 4:9-11

“She said to her husband, “I know that this man who often comes our way is a holy man of God. Let’s make a small room on the roof and put in it a bed and a table, a chair and a lamp for him. Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us.”

Okay, we didn’t sleep in a “small room on the roof”, like the prophet but something close to it. How cool is that!?? We got to explain to our kids that the lady holding the chicken was like Ms. Susan from “Pool Mountain”. She and her husband were showing kindness to us just like the two described in 2 Kings!

I was so thankful for that moment!!! 1. Because it gave my boys a greater grasp of what was happening.

2. It gave me a greater hold on God to trust Him midst the unknown.

And 3. Just the craziness of getting to the book of 2 Kings and God legitimately

using  it to show me He TRULY is *El Roi “the God who sees me”…HE SEES ME! (*Genesis 16:13)

Okay that’s all for now! I hope my little life update encourages you to navigate your own WHOA MOMENTS!

You are BOTH seen and loved. How marvelous is that!?

I pray today we make him our Lord, AND our shelter forever!

Much love to YOU,

from the rasmussen clan

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