Goodbye IHC, Hello NEW Adventures…

This is a very important update to share with you.

After many conversations and much prayer— We decided to say good-bye to Indian Hills Camp.  As shocking as this news may sound, God is not surprised and nothing thwarts His plan.  I am deeply thankful for the four years we spent at IHC.  We doubled our

alicia's iphone 100

family size amongst amazing neighbors, campers, and staff both seasonal and year round—What a gift from the LORD of which we will always be grateful!IMG_9637

WHAT’S NEXT??! —- It is truly incredible to share, On Josh’s LAST day of work at IHC, a formal job proposal was presented to him from a ministry called Kidz At Heart! (The LORD did not want me worrying a single day about unemployment).  He started work as the Vice President of Development in their virtual office on May 21st.  Kidz at Heart exists to —

Equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture

To expound on their mission, KIDZ desires to create culturally relevant and sustainable children’s ministry all around the globe! As I personally researched the organizations website and newsletters (which you can subscribe to by clicking here! ), 2 Thessalonians 3:1 immediately came to mind:

“…Pray that the Lord’s message will spread RAPIDLY and be HONORED wherever it goes, just as when it came to you”.

KIDZ is passionate about training trainers…to train more trainers! With a model like this, a countless expanse of the gospel is happening all around the world! Currently, KIDZ has nationals operating in over 40 countries as trainers! And with Josh on board, we pray the Lord’s message will continue to spread rapidly and be honored— just like the timeless 2nd Thessalonian prayer!

WHAT’S NEEDED??!—    Our housing at camp lost effect two weeks after Josh’s last day of work.  We moved out on May 12th, and have been staying at a friend’s granny suite in Jamul.  This has been generously provided to us until June 10thPlease pray the Lord provides a place for us to call home!  We are diligently searching real estate options that will work not just for our nuclear family, but for Josh’s parents as well.  So far, nothing proves to be a good match logistically or financially.  We are considering any and all options that present themselves before June 10th!  We know nothing is too difficult for the Lord to provide.  He is a GOOD Father and will make it clear to us where to go next.

*For networking purposes, we are seeking to live in San Diego County, so if anyone knows of anything for sale or rent please let us know!

Also, as much as we love the 1994 Chevy Suburban for hauling all the tools and all the boys— it’s not the best car for work. The need for a more fuel efficient vehicle has presented itself! Please pray we can find the perfect car to fit Josh’s new job!


Thank you SO much for reading this BIG, life-changing update! Your care and your support for us during this season is truly cherished in our hearts and minds. Every time we think of YOU, we are blessed and thankful to God!love

As you partner with us spiritually through prayer, consider also how you can partner with us financially as we transition into this new ministry.  Click here to support us either with one time or monthly partnership

MANY blessings from above  and MUCH thanks from us,

The Rasmussen Clan— josh, alicia, silas, owen,                                                                                                                                               caleb, and zoe

Got questions? We would love for you to email us:

& be sure to check out KIDZ at Heart:


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