April/May Update–New animals, new music, new scars…

Well, as you can probably guess, since I’m summarizing two months in one letter…April and May were busy and FULL of new things! What’s new at camp? Well, Josh has this new philosophy for the camp farmyard, tiny big animals and big tiny animals.  So, he brought three new mini donkeys (AKA the burritos). Their names are: James, Star, and Delilah (who, surprise… is pregnant). donkeysWe also got two new mini-horses, Brown Sugar and Norma Jean.  Norma Jean was pregnant and delivered Gracie Lou in late May.  Josh also purchased two Flemish giant rabbits which can grow up to four feet long! The mini animals and the giant ones are all a huge hit with the weekend groups as well as the onsite staff.  He also made the camp bike track a priority this month and had a professional bike track engineer revamp the entire course! This will also be a sure crowd pleaser as everyone who comes to camp brings their bike!josh on bike

Speaking of people who can ride bikes! Yes, it’s true Josh did get the go-ahead to ride his bike on his birthday. He was so happy and all the PT’s were so impressed with his progress. His doctor told him to pursue life again like before! This was mentally challenging as he got so used to a cautious limp, but now everyday he is living like nothing happened, what a relief and blessing for our family! Thank you guys so much for praying us through that recovery process!

April was also full aliciaguitarof music. I lead worship with my friend Miranda at our church’s half-day women’s retreat. And then played again in May at a local coffee shop giving away a brand new album Josh recorded of me in the camp barn. It was so therapeutic to finally get these almost ten year old songs out of my head and onto a CD! Will also be putting them online for easier access, stay tuned.

In a crazy turn of events, the same day as the women’s retreat, Owen cut his chin open playing on the camp playground, and Josh and I had to take him to the ER. It was a long day, but thank God the ER was almost completely empty–And he did not need to be sedated for stitches, just super glued, hooray!!owenfell

In lighter news, Silas graduated from his Awana class in silasgraduationearly May, where he weekly memorized scriptures, sang songs, and made crafts. We are so proud of him as he was one of the youngest kids in his class!

Some more camp news:

In April, our summer staff coordinator, Travis organized a super fun photo scavenger hunt for the 2017 summer staff. The high school and college age kids ran around Balboa Park looking for iconic images to track down in teams. Then we slowed down, ate some Jack in the Box tacos, played some worship songs, and listened to our co-missional staff member, Jacques speak about preparing for camp and desirinsummerstaffeventg God more. It’s a great group of energetic kids; please keep them in your prayers– that they would grow this summer in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus! And that we as full-time missional staff would encourage them and equip them according to the scriptures.

The April-May calendar also filled up with Gold rush days. During the week, buses of kids come for an overnight, educational experience. They get new names and occupations from gold rush history. Our amazing staff guides them on an unforgettable, journey back in time complete with costumes and, of course, a hilarious western accent to boot!goldrush

Well, that’s April and May for yah! joshandmeKeep us in your prayers. I did have a stomach bug for a solid week in May– pray for continued healing and protection as the baby grows, until her due date on July 28th!  All shows well in my prenatal visits!

PRAY for protection as we go into the BUSIEST time of the year. Josh oversees many, many people during the summer season: June 18th– July 9th. We NEED God’s mighty hand to guide us and sustain us, for HIS GLORY!!!

                       Many Blessings, from –The Rasmussen                                                                   Clanbreakfast.jpg

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MARCH Update: Pink or Blue, Pink or Blue, Pink or…

PINK, YES! It has been confirmed that we are having a little GIRL, this July (approximate day is the 28th). babygirlWe are so excited about this news; we had to share it first! It’s just going to be so much fun to collect a different color palette of clothing, and experience all that it means to have a daughter!
In other news, Josh is officially walking without crutches, Praise God. Every week he progresses proficiently with his physical therapy, and hopes to be signed off to ride his bike to work on his birthday. So, hopefully, Lord willing, there is a picture of Josh happily riding his bike into the sunset. Continue to pray that his knee heals strong, and when pain does set in, he has the strength and wisdom he needs to handle it properly.
Silas turned four this month. We celebrated with a stroll around camp with balloons and streamers. He continually asked if “it was still [his] birthday?” We ended up spending some gift card money at the camp store. He bought two plastic anacondas and one lizard and gave two of them to his neighbors, Roman and Zachary. Whatta kid. silasinatreeWe love watching him grow up; it’s a great privilege to catalog these little memories that slowly but steadily build him up into the man he will soon become! Pictured right, Silas and Josh earn some funds for recycling. Pictured left, Silas partaking in his favorite pastime.
The twins (27 months) are chattering like crazy. I have to record the sweet sound of toddler babble, it’s just the cutest. Caleb often sings remnants of “Jesus loves me”; straight out of the blue, like God has already written it on his heart to remember. twinsandmomThey have overcome some sniffles and coughs this month, but no huge sicknesses like last year, Praise God. They love getting their hands dirty in mud, splashing in water, or going down the giant slide at camp… by themselves!! (Caleb pictured on the left-side)

Camp update: We had the privilege of hosting a lead meeting at our house at the end of the month. We had about 40 people hanging in our living room and front porch. It was pretty chaotic with the littles finding dead lizards under the porch, but still a fun time for everyone! In March we host a ton of field trips for the public schools surrounding San Diego. We also book big weekend groups for cub and girl scout camping.
As we continue to stand for our beliefs as a Christian kid’s camp, we have seen some big groups cancel. Pray with us as we remember God’s principles are more important than the approval of man. For we know, and stand with our director as he has been given a verse to stand on during these difficult managerial times-

2. Chronicles 15:2 “The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.”
This month we also celebrated Susan’s 13th anniversary working as our Weekend Registrar (Pictured bottom left corner of photo). suanShe is truly an incredible part of the IHC team, making sure the weekends are booked and the people who come on site are ready for a great time. Thanks Susan for all your hard work for the IHC cause—to reach more and more kids with the Gospel!
April begins with Gold Rush days where 4th graders come to camp to live out some history for an unforgettable learning experience. Pray these young students, upon reaching our campground, would sense the safety and security of the Holy Spirit. That God would touch them on our property to remember He is the creator of the whole world! And that He is outside of time, but perfectly woven through all of earth’s history to save and heal all of mankind through the work of Jesus on the cross!

We pray your Easter season brings new revelation of all Jesus has done for you and is doing for you.

Thank you for the continued prayer and support and love. We sure do feel it!
Blessings from,

The Rasmussen Clan (Josh, Alicia, Silas, Caleb, Owen, +Girl!)


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February: Crutches and Creature Power

February is a fast month, isn’t it? Those 28 days were full of doctor’s appointments, camp meetings, and fun toddler memories. Yet again, we look back at another month of God’s provision, faithfulness, and goodness.swinging

FAMILY UPDATE:   JOSH had a great follow up appointment with his surgeon. His bones and tendons are healing nicely. He is now able to put weight on his foot, and every week will increase the weight until it’s 100% balanced. So, within a few weeks, no more crutches, praise God! He is also scheduled to meet with some physical therapists to ensure his walking returns to normal in good time. It’s such a relief to receive quality medical care; we are so thankful. And this whole time he has been working at camp, continuing in meetings and obligations, such a champ.chicken

I (ALICIA) had a prenatal appointment, and everything is looking great. We will sneak a peek at the baby’s gender March 9th, so hold your breath, and wait a few more days for that exciting reveal!! I’m feeling good, getting bigger in the belly every day, fighting some fatigue, but in general, doing awesome because I do have help from trusted peoples, praise God! SILAS is getting close to my favorite age…4! He is so hungry for knowledge and loves to help me with daily tasks. He has so much wonder, and his heart is very sweet and tender.
Recently, he has decided that he only wants to wear pajamas, so he wears them underneath his play clothes, and takes them off immediately when he gets in the house. He loves this show called “Wild Kratts” and runs around the house “activating pangolincreature power” in order to act like obscure animals he learns about like, the endangered pangolin (as he would say with serious passion, “not penguin, pang-o-lin”). He also loves, loves, loves Bible stories, and asks me to read from the “Jesus Storybook Bible” every morning. IMG_4823He absorbs each story and sometimes asks some pretty deep questions.  OWEN & CALEB are collecting little, slurred phrases like, “Activate creature power”, Thank you and “What’s that?”  Their favorite word right now has to be, “Whale”. They say it all the time, even if there are no whales anywhere in sight (Pictured, Owen is in my lap, and Caleb is peering out from behind me).

CAMP UPDATE:   In February, we rescheduled a week of 6th grade camp that was cancelled during the water crisis earlier in the year. We welcomed 83 campers, and 33 of them made a first-time IMG_4593decision to believe in Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior! This was such praise, as the staff saw a good amount of apathy and felt a large amount of spiritual warfare. But the Gospel persists every day!
And I was blessed to bridge the gap through prayer, as Josh led them in musical worship and times of prayer. He really does have such a way connecting with kids; meeting them right where they are at, and saying just the right words to soften their heart towards God. galentineI also had the privilege of hosting a Valentine party for some of the high school girls that staff summer camp. I wanted to speak into their life during the valentine season, and remind them of the truth shining through every lie that would say we are not loved.  The fellowship was simple and sweet,

and I hope to make it a monthly gathering.

Towards the end of February, we got to attend the lead meeting. This is for the summer staff that will return as peer leaders to their team. I led some songs of worship, and Josh taught a little on the differences between leaders and managers. It’s sweet to see these young people step out into leadership roles, some for the first time. Pray for them as God prepares them to influence our staff in a profound way this summer!

Well, that was February, full and fun. We love this life God has so graciously given us here at IHC. And we pray the Lord blesses you richly for supporting us and praying for us. We really do feel the prayers; they strengthen us when we feel weary and just down-right exhausted. So, Thanks YOU, yes! YOU!!!

With love, the Rasmussen clan

Josh “Boomchuck”, Alicia “Bluegrass”, Silas, Owen, Caleb + baby

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January: A Retreat, a Conference, and a few Questions


The New Year has been FULL of sweet memories and kindness amidst the hardship of Josh’s recovery. jan8 The Lord’s people have swept in like angels—anonymous gift-givers, meal- bringers, and even a desperately needed laundry angel!!Yes, God has been good amongst the chaotic needs of our family.  He is constantly reminding me, how He cares for us.  This care is thorough and deep.  A sincere thanks to all those who have humbly served us during this time; we truly feel the love of God through this momentary hardship.

January began, well, as you all know, with a crash, bang, and boom!  jan9Josh’s soccer accident happened on the 2nd, but not long after, we got to celebrate our anniversary on the 8th.  6 years of marriage; and it ironically felt more special and meaningful to celebrate our relationship through a trial rather than through some relaxing getaway.  Every year, we draw closer in understanding to what love really is, and that it’s pouring out from God’s hand through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The weekend of our anniversary also marks the annual Board of Directors Retreat. jan10 This is where the staff and board of Indian Hills Camp gather at Rough Acres, CA for relaxing fellowship, informative meetings, and prayer.  We came for the day and got to lead the evening worship and prayer time. It was especially sweet to see, at the end of the meeting, all the stafjan11f surround Josh in prayer. It moved me to tears.
We are so thankful to live in the family of God; supernatural faithfulness and compassion shines through His people, and this season has caused us to just bask in that light for a while.

January continued onward with an annual Christian Camping Conference that took place at a Salvation Army camp in Malibu, CA.  As chairman of the education committee, Josh played a key role in creating seminars, collecting speakers, and teaching. Bum knee, pain meds and all, He led two seminars for the food service and maintenance track emphasizing spiritual intentionality in the mundane tasks. I got to sit in on his food service track.  It was really powerful to hear him encourage staff in their duties that seem unimportant, or less than glamorous. He reminded them that food is not just helping the program move along, it is a ministry within itself, that both the old and new testament emphasize.  We really love this conference, because it allows us to connect with other camp people.  It’s like talking to slightly different versions of ourselves, sharing our joys and our struggles and finding so much encouragement knowing we are not alone.  And that ultimately, our camps are not in competition with each other, but genuinely striving to reach and teach as many kids as we can with the Gospel.


As if January wasn’t already very full, we managed to squeeze in a dinner for prospective summer staff that are graduating high school this year.  We got to eat some yum burgers together and talk about their future plans.

Towards the end of the evening, Josh got to explain our college program and how it differs from the high school hoorah. They seemed inspired by the challenge to be called a “summer missionary”, and we are eager to see them all back in July, Lord willing.  jan6

January also required much of the staff to work on the maintenance end of camp.  The stormy weather uprooted trees and broke pipes.  A lot of mess to clean up, and a few weekend groups got cancelled because of it. drillingBut through it all, we were fortunate to witness the drilling and re-drilling of multiple wells on camp. This was good news, as you know, since the drought really effected our water situation.  Overall, it’s been quite a tumultuous season, not just for our family but for camp as well.

FAMILY UPDATE:  Silas is 3 going on 30, so smart and inquisitive. He asked questions like crazy! A few favorites, “How do birds sleep?” “Why doesn’t anyone get invited to everybody’s houses?” and “Where does poop live?” We answer them to the best of our ability, but sometimes they do end with “because I said so”.


Making “stick soup” almost everyday, always very diligent to stir 

He loves going to the library and picking out superhero books, watching animal shows, and avoiding naptime with imaginary play. The twins turned 2, and have been chatting more and more. It’s just the sweetest sound ever. They love to play tickle fights and have dance parties, just a fun bunch a guys in my house. Baby 4 is growing so much… I can’t seem to eat enough! But other than that increased appetite I feel generally strong and healthy, and able, praise God! Lastly, Josh is back to work, but with limited hours. He goes at the pace he can, and has been very diligent to care for his leg through hourly exercises. Still no weights on his foot for 2-3 weeks, but the stitches are out and everyday he is closer to getting back to his normal, walking self.jan7



Thank you once again for your continued intercessory prayers, unconditional love, and faithful support! We love you all, and hope the Lord shines bright on your face today.


End of Year Update- A Baby growing, and a Husband healing


November, December, now January… Maybe it’s time for an update! As you could have guessed our calendar was so full during the holidays, I couldn’t seem to find the time to send out our monthly update. familypic2016But now, here I am, finally, sitting down recounting the fun memories we accrued at the end of 2016.

December especially filled with IHC party potlucks, church musicals, and family reunions. We hosted all the summer staff fokimr a Christmas party at camp. It was so great seeing the young, bright faces decorating cookies and discussing past and future summers. Pictured, is me reunited with Kim, a sweet gal whom I mentored last summer.

silascamelSilas was a camel in our church’s Christmas musical; he made up his own choreography last minute with a friend and sang the songs loud and proud.


It was also so grand to have my grandparents visit from Massachusetts as well asgreatgrandkids my Aunt and Uncle from Illinois. Seeing generations together makes my heart full of joy; we loved every moment with them!

Owen and Caleb turned TWO on the 30th! We were blessed with free tickets to Sea World, so we took them the kiddos as a birthday celebration. seaworldThe picture beside was at the Shamu show, just before we got soaked, and they all cried! They recovered from the startling splash, and enjoyed the rest of the day in great awe and wonder.

Speaking of great awe and wonder…


just one this time!

we also discovered that we are going to have another baby! The ultrasounds shows just ONE little peanut rocking out, and he or she should be expected sometime around July 28th!


January begins with an annual staff tradition known as, “The Slurpee Bowl”, you can probably guess it’s playful blend of sports and icee beverages. Well, this year Josh was injured, unfortunately, quite severely, and will be having knee surgery Monday, January 9th at Zion Hospital.


Dr. Craft did excellent work

From Josh: I have a lateral tibia plateau fracture. There are 6 different types. I am not sure which one but based off of reading I think it is a type 3. I have depression in the plateau that needs to be raised and then filled with a bone graft. They then need to use plates and screws to shore up the outside that is fractured as well. After surgery, I will not be able to put any weight on it for 6-8 weeks, and physical therapy starts immediately. Technically, they say I will have knee pain for the rest of my life and eventually need replacement or surgery again. But God can do what He wants. Pray for Alicia, she now has 4 people to take care of. We also had to go out of pocket for over $600 since our benefit card wasn’t active for the new year yet. We will get reimbursed, but not for some time. It makes it tougher because we have also been off for a month so our pay has been less. I will also have to miss another week post-surgery, I do not have any time off accrued so we will be even farther behind financially. Also the deductible for my surgery is $6,500 we have a benefits card that will cover 80% but money is tight so the $2000 will be tight. So just pray for His provision, peace and continued grace.  He always provides! He is faithful and good, all the time. 

Thank you again always for the love, care, and concern. God is our helper and our great sustainer. We are deeply encouraged by all the prayers, and love offerings, please keep it coming as we venture into 2017—a baby growing and husband healing.

drilling   And keep IHC in your prayer with regards to water! For months now, we have been struggling from the drought. But pictured to the left, is a glimmer of some hope! They are drilling deeper into an existing well. Pray the water springs in abundance ! and a big thank you to the donations that made this work possible!

With Love and In His Peace,

The Rasmussen Clan —-Josh, Alicia, Silas, Owen, Caleb + baby!

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October Update:


…..I just finished writing our September update, so it seems odd to be back at it again!! It’s just tooo easy to get behind when Time never wants to stop and sit down with me. So, here I am sitting in November recounting the goodness that was October.

fampic     Family: I like October because it’s my birthday month. I got to celebrate with a
myriad of people in different ways. Special delivery flowers, cards, gifts!  I felt very loved, and particularly enjoyed a Crowder concert with Josh at the Rock Church in Point Loma. Hearing live music is such a treat, and the performances really ministered to my soul.

With all the water issues in September, laundry became an issue, but graciously got sorted (no pun intended) by close friends and neighbors down the road.  After two weeks not using my washer at all, our dryer broke–Ironically.  But praise God, Josh found a sweet couple on Craigslist who was willing to donate a really nice dryer to us; this machine is uh- mazing…it has a “super dry” mode! I love it!

Owen and Caleb (22m) have some words and phrases that take me by surprise as of late. When I read them books sometimes, they repeat the words they hear, only to never repeat them again! They are also learning what the word “NO” means, and hear it often in regards to climbing every piece of furniture, everywhere. It was sweet mid-month to get a visit from Ma and Pa. We walked to visit the animals in the farmyard, and then a secret visit to the camp store for frozen treats. I also hosted a baby shower for my neighbor, Brittany as she is expecting her third baby mid-November. bayerAnd the next day, hosted again for some out-of-town friends. It’s an honor to live generously, and share our life and home as a true testimony of God’s favor!

Silas got sick towards the end of the month, and  the virus is passing through the family tree. Thank you for those prayers for quick recovery.




 communityCamp: We took some field trips in October that were fun for all ages. One was a bus trip down to Filippi’s for a staff lunch. What a treat, to gather and eat some bread together. (I wasn’t on the bus, because I have a weekly Bible Study that started soon after the lunch). The following week, camp staff traveled to Cuyamaca College to tour the drought resistant gardens to learn tips and tricks in drought friendly irrigation techniques.

I know I probably say it too much, but I love living in community. Camp has provided such a place of fun fellowship.  Seeing my kid hop on a bus with these people has been such a joy, my heart is bursting with gratitude.

Josh renewed his food manager’s license and diligently prepped for the 6th grade camp season that got pushed back due to water issues. He also touched base with partner churches, established some themes and logos for summer camp 2017.. What isn’t he doing, is the real question!  We also had the privilege to serve Navy families for a weekend in October.

Note From Boom Chuck:

               It is a good thing to be forced to sit down and reckon the things of your life. Each month our newsletter forces us to look back on all that the Lord has done. What a good Father we have in heaven. It has been crazy around here due to our water supply issues, forcing us to reschedule  3 weeks of 6th grade camp which included 12 schools total, and 1 weekend. God was gracious and that when surprisingly smooth.  
We are already in the middle of our 2nd week, and we are so excited to have kids back on camp. Hearing them running around, screaming and getting really, really dirty is amazing. 
The end of the year has become very busy for  us having to postpone so many things.  Staff recruiting, budgeting, cooking meals, Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Gold Rush Days, Kumeyaay Days planning, staffing changes and structure changes are just some of the fun things I get to navigate daily. In some amazing God way you are all apart of all of these things. Your prayers and financial support allows me to be free mentally and spiritually to invest in my family and the work here, so thank you so very much. Please pray for endurance but most importantly peace, as we charge ahead. We are also looking tor raise our monthly support, so if you know anyone that is interested in supporting 3 very hungry boys, and the parents chasing them, let them know where to reach us. Until next month!

Prayer Requests:
That camp would raise the necessary funds ($20,000-$30,000) to drill a new or deeper well. Pray for rain to come down (Psalm 65 “The river of God has plenty of water…). Praise, that the existing well was chlorinated and has risen!

  1. ENERGY: and stamina for Josh as he manages so many different areas of camp! And me, as I hold down the Rasmussen Fort (Gal. 6:9-10Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.)
  2. PROGRAM: 6TH Grade Camp running continuously into November! Pray for safety and opportunity to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. (2 Thess. 3:1 “pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.”)


                                                                                                                  Blessings and Thanks,

                                                        Josh, Alicia, Silas, Owen, Caleb Rasmussen


15763 Lyons Valley Road Jamul CA 91935


Have a great Thanksgiving!

1 Thess. 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

We would enjoy hearing from you! What are you giving thanks for this week? What has God been showing you lately?

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: A First Time for Everything

September was the month of firsts!  Silas went to AWANAS for the first time and loves this weekly ritual! He always asks to sing the AWANAS theme song, and enjoys listening to the read aloud workbook.  He memorizes scriptures and collects badges weekly siandromanwith his neighbor, Roman- it’s very precious.
He also went to the dentist for the first time, and praise God, his teeth are clean and healthy with no irrational fear of dentistry.  The Nichols took good care of him and made him feel happy and safe, what a blessing!!sianddentist

The twins (20 months old) went walking around camp for the first time, no stroller! Caleb pretty much ran the whole time and Owen kept trying to climb over fences. We successfully corral them back home, but it takes a decent amount of perseverance keeping up with these little adventurers!  They are so curious and so fast! I fear now the stroller is no longer a desirable space for the twins to occupy, anyone against toddler leashes?twins20m

It was also a first for me to attend a MOPS meeting at my local church! MOPS stands for mothers of preschoolers.  I’m really enjoying being one of the creative activity coordinators. It truly has been a need in our community. Women signed up immediately, we maxed at thirty, and even have a wait list! It’s been truly a great place for pure outreach and genuine fellowship.  At the end of the month, I got to lead worship with some gals at our yearly women’s retreat through church.aliciamusic  It was fun expanding my comfort zone learning how to lead and play with other musicians for such an amazing event.  It seems the Lord is calling me to lead in musical worship more, since the director here at camp frequently asks me to lead in songs. Pray I remain obedient to these callings and grow in the skills it takes to lead musically.

We also had our first very Missional Retreat at Palomar Christian Conference Center.  All the year round, missional staff gathered for two days to fellowship over meals and get-to-know-you games. We also met extensively on what it means to be missional.  For instance, instead of using the word, “break” we opt for “breathers”. Because we know in ministry, we never stop serving the Lord, but he does give us times to breathe, times to rest.  We also concluded that we are a team, united for the Gospel going out to every person who steps on this property! community It’s exciting to get on the same page, and be on the same mission year-round. And it’s really awesome working under a director and wife team that have been here for so long. They have learned so much over the years, and are eager to see things done right, as well as cultivate a healthy community culture.

CAMP: Traditionally, September begins with lots of program planning for the outdoor education season (school field trips and 6th grade camps).  But unfortunately, all the planning came to a drastic halt when we realized how low our water wells were on camp! We had to cancel our first week of 6th grade camp due to water issues! Please pray that any reservations we have to cancel can get re-booked, and that our water issues resolve, whether by good amounts of rain, or drilling for new wells. Regardless, we know the Lord is sustaining us and will use every trial for his good and perfect purposes.

A prayer request from our Camp Director, Bob Lindsay:

“Both of IHC wells are failing. The California drought has finally reached IHC. The drought we are all experiencing in California has not impacted us at IHC because we are on our own water well system. In the last month the drought has finally reached our area and the aquifers are not being replenished. IHC has two wells that have produced very well for 40 years as well as decades and centuries before that for the Kumeyaay Peoples who settled on this property because of the plentiful amount of water available. We have been battling the subsequent problems of higher (minor) bacterial levels that come with losing water in a public water system and the San Diego County officials  have been assisting and supporting us in order to keep IHC open. Our staff has been working hundreds of man hours each week over the last month on this single issue. Fall is one of our busiest seasons of the year and we have had to cancel most of our camper groups since the start of October including Sixth Grade Camp Season. Fortunately most of those groups have rebooked further into future months and are remaining supportive of IHC.  So where are we now? It is still a constant daily battle to deal with natural bacterial levels in our system because normally the ever present bacteria’s are diluted by hundreds of thousands gallons of water in underground aquifers.  Since the aquifers are so low, we need to be constantly sanitizing, testing, and installing new back flow valves throughout the system. As of this week, we are certain that we will need to drill a new well at the cost of $30,000.00 -$50,000.00 depending on how hard it is to find water underground. ”

Currently, we are procuring the finances for a new well and new water tanks to bring our water reservoir up to 50,000, which will set us up for the future.

Please pray with us:

-The water situation, for timely recovery and for financial donors

-Continued health and safety of our family

-More financial sponsors

-Spiritual unity and opportunity to speak the Gospel to every person who comes on camp!!

                                         All our love, gratitude, prayers and THANKS—

                                                                                          Josh, Alicia, Silas, Owen, Caleb

therasmussenclan@gmail.com   15763 Lyons Valley Road  Jamul 91935